Simple, clean and fresh

Months of sunshine, good soil and warm water hail an Eden like climate perfect for outdoor growing – us included. Local markets have the freshest, tastiest fruits and veggies, incredible local meat and probably the best seafood in the world.

If you are on one of our fitness retreats, exercise and activity over the seven days will make you firm up and lose weight. If you want to max up on weight loss, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (it’s not hard in Portugal). Ideally no snacks in-between and especially no bread. Coffee is awesome and at 60 cents per shot it’s a great stimulant for exercise (and enthusiasm). Water bottled from the source in the Monchique mountains is aplenty, it’s just the temptation of the divine vino verde to resist. However, life’s all about balance and if you’ve been off paddle boarding all day or trekking the trails, a glass or two is not going to hurt.

The surrounding area is blessed with a vast array of quality restaurants and eateries. All manner of tastes and styles are catered for including speciality foods, vegan and vegee, Brazilian steaks, Portuguese seafood and Italian delights. With our local knowledge, we can direct you to your perfect gastronomic pleasure.