Explore the gentle waves of the beautiful south or the wild breaks on the west coast.

Why is Portugal world famous as a surf destination?

  • From absolute beginners to world famous pro’s, there are surf spots for everyone
  • Perfect for beginners starting out with a surf school and progressing to supervised beaches
  • Great for kids who want to mess around in the waves and bodyboard in the shore break
  • The west coast is heaven for experienced surfers hunting out their perfect wave

If you are a beginner, we always recommend taking some lessons with a nearby surf school or booking onto one of our surf weeks. You will be advised according to tide, wind conditions and swell at suitable locations dependent on your ability.  Most importantly the surf instructor is there to assist as well as instruct.


Explore the waves of the west coast or the calm water of the beautiful south with surf professional Scott Gardiner.  At OceanBlue Oasis, we offer dedicated weeks for all levels with our personal guide, Scott Gardiner.

Whether you are just getting into surfing, an improver or want a guide, for seven days, Scott will take you to the best surf spots, all within a 2 minute to 20 mile drive. There are lots of activities on offer so if you want a break from surfing or your partner wants to paddle board, bike or walk there is something for all levels and abilities (as part of our Waves and Wilderness Weeks.)

Scott is the dedicated guide and trainer for all things wet including surf, SUP and kayak, with options of windsurfing, kite surfing and wake boarding as extras.