Wild Gym

Keen to enjoy a healthy holiday or want to a get a lifestyle change off to a flying start, we can guide

Whilst returning home feeling suitably refreshed you may want to be physically challenged and boost fitness during your downtime. It may be the first steps of a lifestyle change or a fitness journey you’ve been on for while. You may be training for an event and want to log extra miles during the dark UK months combined with strength training and nutrition.
We can work with everyone. We love to exercise outside using nature’s playground as our gym and there is no better place to be active, boost fitness and become stronger, leaner and healthier.

Our fitness portfolio:

  • Miles of mountain bike trails, walks, guided runs are available daily with our onsite personal trainer Lucy Strevens.
  • Play at early morning outdoor active sessions designed to awaken and empower the whole body.
  • High Intensity Internal training – one of the most effective methods of blasting fat and boosting fitness.
  • Stretching cardio and strength building sessions as requested.
  • Water options: paddle board distance – great for core, balance and upper body strength