Sea Safari

Cruise the beautiful south coast aboard our 11m Cheetah Catamaran.

Always a new adventure aboard SeaSophia

Dazzling caves, quiet bays and lazy days

We’re running half day Sea Safaris & Private Charters from our new 11m catamaran ‘SeaSophia’

From Lagos river, cruise the cape and explore the yellow islands and emerald inlets before seeking out a quiet little bay to drop anchor.

Chill here, dive from the roof, swim into the bay, explore the caves and arches by paddleboard, or snorkel the crystal waters around the stacks.

And, if being in the water isn’t your thing, take in the vibrant coastal colours, dangle your feet over the ocean and watch the others splish-splosh about.

New to stand up paddleboard?

Paddleboarding from the boat is perfect introduction if you want to learn the basics with the comfort of paddling to and from the boat. If you’re more confident, paddle around the bay and explore around the cliffs and caves.

Half day Sea Safari: 45 euros per person., includes use of all sea toys- snorkel, sups and fins. Wetsuits on request. 9:15- 12:30. Email or message Lucy on 00447980986232 to find out what days we are running.

Bring your own snacks and drinks if you’d like a picnic at sea.

Scheduled half or full day trips: 3 hours private charter €450 max 8, €550 euros max 12. Enjoy an exclusive charter with your friends or family. Lots of itineraries available, explore east:  the lazy lagoons and desert islands or hop along the coast and explore the different bays and beaches huddled between the headlands.

As the former main port during Portugal’s Age of Discoveries, no trip to Lagos is complete without an adventure along this incredible coastline.


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🌿If you prefer to while away the days by the pool or wander to the beach you’re in the perfect place.🌺

🕶️Perched on top of the hill you’ll enjoy the best sunrises and sunsets, spectacular coast & country views and a dazzling 40ft pool☀️

Spend your days lazing on the terraces or hide away in one of our little leafy spots in the gardens.

The beach and village are a 10 minute walk and the bar and bbq area are open all hours.

It’s your holiday, do as much or as little as you like. #portugal #algarve #travel #villa #active #adventure #burgau #surf #instagood #thetravelblog #nature
☘️March 1st already☀️Spring starts and we wish Happy birthday to our fellow adventurer  @izzy_engelhardt  Here, she’s casually enjoying the world class, west coast sunset at the end of our latest video. 

60 seconds of Why we 💙 the west coast
For the  nearby, faraway feel, natural parks, perfect beaches, barefoot bars & winding rivers. Once you’ve been, you can’t help wanting more of its intoxicating, wild charm. #portugal #algarve #travel #surf #nature #thetravelblog #travellifestyle #travelphotography #instagood #sunset #love #bordeirabeach #viladobispo #activeholiday
👣☀️How do you want to explore?🦋🌴
Off the beaten track away from the crowds, leaving tarmac for the trails?
On our small group bike rides, we take you to the raw hidden gems, whitewashed villages tucked away in the hills, tumbledown forts, meandering valleys where the hillsides are dotted with pine trees, the forest feels like you’re in another world and the villages take you to another time. Drink coffee in cafes where it’s impossible to spend 5 euros and watch sunsets you’d remember a lifetime for. 

We will route to suit your group, whether you want to amble along country lanes, try the trickier sundowner loop or cruise valleys out to the wild west coast. Remember, the best routes are those that are hard to find. Tell us where and when you want to go, we will guide and advise. Our bikes are Specialized Mountain bikes, perfect for the terrain in the western Algarve and fun for exploring off the map. 

Another shout out to the shooters of our 60 second adventure series: @procamfilms for this incredible footage, riding the trails and always being one step ahead of the game to get the best shots. 60 seconds to show you why we’re so passionate about what the Western Algarve has to offer and how we can share these amazing places with you. 💙 @procamfilms @quintaflowers @shootingtales @sup_surf_kite #travel #explore #goexplore #findyouradventure #travelgram #seekadventure #algarve #portugal #lagoswhat2do #burgau #algarveportugal #visitportugal #bike #mtb #bikeholiday #activeholiday
☀️Our second instalment on our 60 second adventures we play Glide and Seek🐚 
Stand up paddleboarding is possibly the closest we’ll get to walking on water, granting freedom to explore between secluded beaches and bays, barely accessible even in a little boat.

With nature at play, this location is all about timing. When the conditions are right, the rugged wave swept coastline transforms into a serene world of crystal clarity. Hundreds of seabirds perched on the craggy outcrops watch as we paddle past rocky pinnacles, between azure grottos and through caves and caverns. 

Paddling inside, the water turns translucent turquoise where the sun filters through giant skylights like eyes to the sky. 

We wait for perfect conditions. With even a little wave, it’s a different world and a constant reminder that nature is boss. Again; thanks to @procamfilms for scaling seamounts, launching the drone from 10ft sups and flying through skylights to get the best shots. #sup #standuppaddle #activeholiday #burgau #algarve #wanderlust #travel #redpaddleco #bloggerlife #travellifestyle #workabroad #travelbug #takethescenicroute
☀️🌵Introducing OceanBlue’s 60 seconds of Adventure. We’ve made 6 short stories, exploring some of the activities on offer from our little hideaway on the hill🌳☀️

🐟On our first 60 second adventure we walk and swim the beautiful south. Baby blue skies, aquarium clear waters, spinning shoals. Only us and our two towels above the tide line. 🏝️

The old fishermen’s routes form a myriad of trails connecting our hilltop with craggy cliffs, leafy valleys, and quiet coves eventually linking villages, shady lunch stops and perfect swim spots. 
Thanks to @procamfilms, amazing footage, impeccably capturing why we are spellbound with this perfect parcel of Portugal.
💙Huge thanks to all of you that made OceanBlue 22 a truly fantastic year ⭐️
Happy birthday to this one - can’t believe she chose a boat day😅
🧭Some places get all the limelight….. we 💙 the ones that don’t. #portugal #algarve #active #standuppaddle #sup #travel #explore #wanderlust #postcardsfromtheworld #journey
🔱Gold and emerald💎 …. one of those days in the caves where time and tide stood still⭐️⭐️
The SeaSafari diary is filling up fast so drop me a message if you want to book on for this summer. #algarve #summer22 #portugal #lagoswhat2do #wanderlust #explore #boatlife #redpaddleco @cheetahmarine #burgau #postcardsfromtheworld #travel
🏝Can you believe these sand islands appear like magic for a few hours each day? Just a short hop from our local harbour if you want to explore with us off the map.☀️ @fillandrefillvail #portugal #algarve #oceanblue #wanderlust #travel #travelblogger #traveladdict #postcardsfromtheworld #summer
☀️Stay gold☀️ another beautiful morning exploring the caves from the catamaran #portugal #algarve #burgau #activeholiday #travel #wanderlust #postcardsfromtheworld #travelbug #exploring #redpaddleco #travelphotography #travelreel
☀️Saturday cruising the caves🐠 #algarve #travel #explore #activeholiday #wanderlust #postcardfromtheworld #portugal #lagosportugal #burgau @cheetahmarine #lagoswhat2do @redpaddleco @katieclapton @larasmrtnik
A great shot on our SeaSafari yesterday in the lagoons, so contrasting to the cliffs and caves of nearby Ponta and perfectly showing the diverse landscape of this wonderful corner of the Algarve. It’s also great to be back working with @procamfilms 
These guys have been shooting the boats for us since 2015 and it’s incredible to see how the skills, tech and styles have developed…. lots more on this to follow  #portugal #algarve #lagosportugal #boat #cheetahcatamaran #activeholidays #wanderlust #postcardsfromtheworld #oceanblue #boatlife #boat #superportugal #algarvecoast
Monday morning sessions #active #activeholiday #algarve #fitness

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